Riverside Executive Golf Center, LLC, is filing an application for permanent alien labor certification for the following position: Recreational Facility Manager job opportunity in Columbia, South Carolina. Applicants are directed to send their resumes to Riverside Executive Golf Center, LLC, Attn: D. Yeo (MW), 1600 Garner Lane, Columbia, SC 29210. Job duties include: Manage and oversee the operations, maintenance, administration, and improvement of a commercial golf and recreation facility. Plan, direct, and coordinate the daily operations of the facility. Develop, implement, and manage various youth-related programs and initiatives. Work closely with various external recreational organizations to promote the inclusion and development of disadvantaged youth. Oversee programs to monitor grounds, facilities, and equipment for maintenance and repair. Solicit and analyze bids from contractors for repairs, renovations, maintenance, and future development projects. Direct administrative activities related to management of the golf pro shop, recreational instruction services, and youth programs. Direct and coordinate the activities of staff and other personnel, including assigning duties and evaluating their performance. Interface with customers as needed to develop customer relations, including managing customer needs and/or conflicts in a professional manner. Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data for business operations. Develop and implement marketing strategies, including advertising campaigns and sales promotions. Maintain contact with insurance carriers and other agencies to minimize liability and ensure safety.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent based on combination of education and/or work experience) in property management, sports management, or related field. Requires experience with golf course operations, commercial irrigation/plumbing systems, water sports instruction, and youth enrichment programs.

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